One of six hand-selected National Speakers and Trainers who is partnered with Tony Robbins. Mastering my craft comes down to the passion I have for helping others and giving them the tools to create the life they want and deserve. When you ignite this passion, it motivates you to never settle for less on who you can be and what you can achieve. 


Coming out of college I started out as a schoolteacher. Even though I knew I had a passion for helping others, teaching wasn’t the right career for me. I recognized my ability to influence and motivate others to overcome their mental obstacles and achieve the impossible. Two years ago, I moved to Chicago to travel around the country full-time working with Tony Robbins. I’ve had the opportunity to impact people across the United States including Chicago, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. The mission is to impact as many people as possible. Empowering people to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.


Building confidence is centered around powerful habits and the discipline to avoid shortcuts. Building confidence is about waking on time and not hitting the snooze button. Hitting the gym and pushing your body physically so mentally you’re prepared to conquer the day. Our life is about bringing order to the chaos and we don’t have control over everything. But we do control how we respond. This ability to face adversity is what fuels our confidence.