Do Eye Creams Actually Work?

Want to hear something crazy? As a topic of conversation between skincare enthusiasts, eye cream stirs up a lot of controversy. Is it any different than moisturizer? Why are the jars so small and the prices so high? And do eye creams work? Most everyone agrees that a hydrating eye cream is essential for staving off the ravages of time (i.e. crow’s feet and under eye bags) and keeping dark circles at bay, but what ingredients deliver more than just hydration? If you’re reading this, then you surely have an opinion on eye cream – and trust ours – so stick with us as we break down the basics and give you the goods, so you can decide if adding an eye cream to your routine is worth the time and money.

What Is Eye Cream?

At its most basic level, an eye cream is a targeted product formulated specifically for the fragile skin under the eyes. It’s primary purpose is to provide moisture because thin skin is more prone to show the signs of aging and dehydration. Depending on the ingredients, your face cream may work just fine under your eyes, but the risk of irritation is higher, and heavier, oil-based creams can cause milia, which are tiny cysts filled with hardened, dead skin cells.

Benefits of Using Eye Cream

If you think wrinkles make a person look distinguished, then feel free to ignore everything we’re about to say because we believe the wisdom you accumulate throughout your life should show in your actions not on your face. Eye cream tackles many tasks, but you need to know how to read a label to answer the “do under eye creams work” question. Our CRVFT Under Eye Cream contains a gentle oil-soluble form of vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) to help brighten dark circles. Caffeine helps boost circulation and quell puffiness. Lightweight and fast absorbing, sunflower seed extract fends off free radicals while soothing and strengthening the skin. And for the finishing touch, we combined distilled cucumber water with squalene to further reduce under-eye puffiness and dryness.

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How to Use Eye Cream

Unless there’s a dermatologist in your family or a loved one who’s passionate about skincare, a little usage 101 makes sense when it comes to eye cream. Apply your eye cream immediately after washing your face in the morning, evening, or both. This will help you remember not to smear unnecessary product under your eyes. And while it might be tempting to simply rub the cream around your eye area, restrain yourself – unless you’re intentionally trying to speed up the appearance of wrinkles. Eye cream application should be gentle. Use your ring finger to gently pat the product below your eyes and just below your brow bone. There’s no need to coat your entire eyelid, though, because the body produces its own lubricant (sebum) to keep the lids healthy.

The Takeaway

If you’re still asking, “If you’re wondering, “Does eye cream really work,” the answer is yes, and you should experience it for yourself. The right eye cream can do more than just relieve dryness, and including the CRVFT Under Eye Cream in your twice-daily skincare routine may keep your skin feeling and looking younger longer. Our Men’s Skincare Kit can help you round out your routine as well.

Let your actions speak for themselves, but take care of your body’s largest organ. It works hard to protect you from head to toe, so thank it a few times a day. You might be surprised by those who notice you looking well rested.

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