How To Add Volume To Men's Hair

Flat hair got’cha down? You’re not alone. Based on the endless number of YouTube videos that populate when you type in “how to add volume to hair men,” the problem is pervasive … and everyone wants a solution. If your hair is perpetually flat, your naturally occurring oils may be to blame, but your hair type, length, product usage habits, and overall cleanliness also play a role.

Finding the solution may mean adopting new habits, changing your current hair style, or learning how to use a few new products. So if you came here looking for help, read on. We’re about to reveal some industry tips and styling techniques that may make your hair stand at attention once and for all.

How to Add More Volume

Creating volume in flat, lifeless hair requires a multi-step approach, so let’s cover all the basics. Good hair days start with clean hair. That means regularly using a suitable shampoo or clarifying product to remove excess buildup from daily styling. Anything that coats the strands will eventually settle near your roots and undermine your volumizing efforts. This includes conditioner, so focus your application on the ends to avoid unwanted flatness and be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.

Fine, thin strands are even more problematic, and this is where the right cut and styling products really shine. Layered styles instantly create lift, and layering styling products can help make hair feel and look more voluminous.

How to Use Styling Tools to Create Volume

Does it really matter how you dry your hair? Well, if you’re trying to boost volume, then the direction of the air flow makes a huge difference. Think of this logically. Holding the dryer above your head and blowing the air downward will only result in flatter hair. To get added lift, hold your dryer below the hairline and direct the air flow upward. Don’t linger too long in one spot, and try aiming the air from back to front as well. By drying the hair against its natural direction, the finished style will have more volume. Feel free to use a brush, comb, or your fingers to gently coax your strands upward.

How to Use Hair Products to Achieve Volume

Hair tools will only get you so far in your quest for oomph, which is why styling products exist. A lot of guys use dry shampoo to boost their flow, but hair styling powder (aka volumizing powder or texturizing powder) was designed for this very purpose. CRVFT Hair Powder contains both rice starch and silica silylate. Both ingredients cling to your strands and increase friction, which instantly makes hair look fuller and thicker. Simply shake the powder onto your hands – not your hair – and work it through with your fingers. And make sure to do this once your hair is fully dry. Powder plus water spells disaster. You’ll find additional styling tips here.

CRVFT Sea Salt Spray is another great volumizing option, and this one works on both damp and dry hair. Spritz it in then grab that blow dryer to create lift. Avoid the high heat setting, though, because you want volume not damage. If you’ve never used sea salt spray before, check out our tip guide here.

Once you’ve achieved your desired volume, finish your style with hair clay or hair paste to keep your hair in place all day.

Final Tips and Takeaways

As you may already know, maintaining your style takes work, and some hair styles require less upkeep than others. If your hair is long or particularly thick, consider a different cut to maximize your hair’s potential. Experiment with different pre-stylers and hold products because mixing and matching ultimately yields the best results. Test drive both of our volumizing products in The Powder Stack Bundle or grab your favorite combination of Sea Salt Spray + Hair Paste or Sea Salt Spray + Hair Clay.

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