12 Tips on How to Take Care of Hair for Men

Don’t you wish you came with an owner’s manual? It would probably have a chapter entitled “how to maintain healthy hair” in the gentlemen’s section. Even if you have a low maintenance lifestyle, some types of self-care are absolute necessities. Keeping your hair and scalp healthy makes for better hair days and less consequences like ingrown hairs, an itchy scalp, and even hair loss. If you’re wondering how to keep your hair healthy, read on for 12 of the best hair care tips for men.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy for Guys

#1 Stop Washing Every Day

There’s clean hair, and there’s stripped hair. Unless you have a crazy oily scalp, you don’t need to shampoo every single day. Excess washing strips away vital oils that condition your hair and your scalp, making this one of our most important hair care tips for men. Invest in a boar’s bristle brush to evenly distribute those natural oils instead, and your hair will be healthier for it.

#2 Learn How to Manage a Dry Scalp

Tell us if this sounds familiar. Your scalp itches flakes or is physically sore. All three of these signs indicate that something in your hair care routine is lacking. From failing to hydrate your body to using harsh shampoos too frequently, your hair suffers. Treat yourself to a twice weekly cocktail of water and apple cider vinegar (1:2 ratio). Apply it to your scalp, chill for five minutes, then wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

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#3 Shampoo and Trim Short Hair More Often

Short haircuts require more upkeep to keep them looking sharp. Plan to get a trim every 3-6 weeks. With shorter hair you’ll probably need to shampoo more often (every other day vs every day) as well.

#4 Exfoliate Your Scalp to Promote Hair Growth

Your scalp is skin, and product buildup can hinder hair growth. Scalp scrubs not only feel amazing; they also increase circulation, which can wake up sleeping follicles and reduce the likelihood of dandruff. Try adding a scalp scrub once or twice a week to sweep away dead skin cells and keep build-up at bay. Tip: If your scalp pumps out oil at warp speed, choose a scalp treatment with beta hydroxy acid (BHA) instead. The chemical exfoliant balances sebum production while keeping follicles clear.

#5 Invest in the Best Products

As much as we love a deal, bargain-priced shampoo brands often contain harsh ingredients because they’re cheaper to obtain and easier to formulate. Thankfully, plant-based ingredients have evolved substantially, so you can choose gentler, sulfate-free versions instead. They may cost a bit more, but your hair will look and feel healthier overall.

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#6 Go Easy with Styling Products

We’re all guilty of occasionally thinking that more is better, but moderation will keep your hair healthier. Too much product makes hair tough to style and ever harder to clean. Start with less than you think you’ll need, like a pea-sized dab of pomade, and add more if necessary.

#7 Use Conditioner, Especially If You Have Long Hair

Getting out the door in a hurry, forces us to shortcut self-care, but conditioner is an absolute must if your hair is long. The natural oils in your scalp cannot fully penetrate long hair, so condition everything except the roots (which are already getting the bulk of your body’s oils).

#8 Keep Your Hair Moisturized

You know about conditioner and leave-in conditioner, but what about hair moisturizer? Just like its hydrating counterparts, our argan oil-enriched Hair Moisturizer sends much needed hydration into the cuticle and keeps it there. The increased moisture improves the hair shaft from the outside in. Hair also retains its shine and is less prone to breakage and split ends.

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#9 Don’t Cook Your Coif

Blow drying makes quick work of wet hair, but frequently using a hot tool can shred your strands. Hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet, so handle it with care. Pat or blot (don’t rub) your hair dry with a hair towel instead. The fibers don’t rough up the cuticle like microfiber does. And use your dryer on its low or medium setting whenever possible.

#10 Leave Your Hat at Home

Remember how your skin rebelled when face masks were mandatory? Imagine how your scalp feels whenever you wear a hat. If you’re going to a ball game, grab your hat and head out – just don’t make it a daily habit. Studies haven’t conclusively proven a connection between hair loss and frequent hat wearing, but a tight-fitting cap traps heat and also puts stress on the hair follicles. Let your locks enjoy the breeze. The fresh air will do them good.

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#11 Visit Your Barber Regularly

No matter how busy your schedule is, make time to get your hair cut every 4–6 weeks, depending on the length and the style. Trimming cleans up dead ends that can make hair look frizzy and keeping your style in shape means more good hair days. BTW, frequent trims don’t speed up the growth process, but your hair will actually be healthier.

#12 Rest and Rejuvenate

Last but not least, when thinking about how to keep men's hair healthy, remember that stress impacts every part of your body, including your hair, and we’re not talking about wanting to pull your hair out after a disastrous day. A recent Harvard study determined that corticosterone, much like the fat-causing hormone cortisol, causes hair to go into its resting phase for extended periods of time. That long sleep delays the production of new hair growth, so destress whenever possible.

Healthy Hair Tips for Men

For most of us, hair grows, falls out, and is replaced, so with a few minor tweaks, your hair can return to its healthy self even if it doesn’t seem that way. But remember, when it comes to following these hair care tips for men, consistency is key. So, be sure to pick gentle, hydrating, high-quality products that won’t further exacerbate your hair woes and to practice the men’s hair care tips discussed above as often as possible.

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